Choosing the Correct Lighting

January 30, 2018

When it comes to picking out a chandelier or pendant for your home, it can sometimes be overwhelming. There are usually so many options to choose from, but if you take a closer look at your design aesthetic choosing the finishing piece won’t be as hard. Plus it always helps to bring in an expert to make those last choices that much easier. Keep reading for our top recommendations right now!


Woven and Beaded:

When it comes to choosing a chandelier for your living room, it’s important to know how much lighting you want the piece to give off. Ask yourself; are you looking for something that is more of a decoration piece, or are you wanting this chandelier to be one of the main sources of lighting?

With these chandeliers, they are very worthy of making a statement in you home. Another thing you want to think about when choosing a chandelier is the height. If the chandelier doesn’t sit in the correct place it can make the room seem a little off, so that’s something else to think about! To shop these pieces, check out the links below!


1. Blue Woven Chandelier

2. Claire Chandelier

3. Metal & Wood Chandelier

4. Wood Bead Chandelier

Structured and Metal

If your taste leans more towards metal, these chandeliers are for you! We love the look of mixed metals, so these pieces work well for that, plus the unique designs really make them stand out. When it comes to choosing which one will work best, again thing about height, overall size, and whether you need more lighting or not. These four are some of our favorites and are available for purchase in store and online!

1 Tiana Chandelier

2 Lunar Gold Chandelier

3 Trevor Pendant 

4 Galaxy Chandelier


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