A French Country Kitchen with a Touch of Modern Flair

As soon as we walked into this beautiful space, we fell in love with it! Having such a open floorplan on the newly designed kitchen allows for a wide variety of design options, and helps to bring it all together into one room that your family can center around.

The overall aesthetic of this home is best described as traditional french country with just a touch of modern flare. We fused bits of contemporary elements with a time-honored style and this dining space is no exception.

This client loves all-things french country and wanted this home to exemplify that. Many of the statements pieces in the home lend true to a french country aesthetic, but we incorporated contemporary elements throughout the home to keep the design from feeling stagnant.

The Table: The Center of it All

We usually start a dining area with a table that will function well for both the space and the client. The dinner table is the centerpiece of any dining area, and focal point of a home. For this project we wanted our statement piece the read more traditional, and we achieved that with the thick butcherblock top and chunky turned legs.

Matching the Bar With Your Table

Matching the perfect barstool to any kitchen is always a challenge. We chose a set a beautiful backed stools to help elevate the kitchen island and complement the dining chairs at the same time.

The Icing on the Cake

We always finish off a space with accessories. We took the opportunity to blend some modern elements, such as a marble vase and cutting board, with more traditional pieces, including the ceramic canisters and linen table runner. Balancing different textures and materials helps to make each item stand out and really make the entire space sing!

Here at Four Chairs, we love to marry different styles and pieces together to create a unique and personalized space that our clients will love for a lifetime. Mixing colors, textures, and design styles helps to make your space one of a kind, and turn your house into a home!

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