Navy Meets Natural Bedroom

We wanted to capture the retreat that a master bedroom should be. We started with the natural wood ceiling and navy blue patterned rug and went from there. We wanted this space to and hang out, to read and relax. We designed this master to be more than a room in which to sleep! We finished off this room with the darling wall sconces in lieu of lamps, and the bedding and pillows that give personality and color.

As with many couples this home is full of children, and one infant. The client wanted this space as a retreat. They wanted a space they could go as a couple and still live and feel locked up in a small bedroom. We had plenty of room to work with, and even had additional space on the spacious outdoor patio off the master!

The client wanted the furniture to be mismatched, and we took it from there. A bed with complimentary nightstands is a true Four Chairs specialty. All of the pieces in this room compliment each other, while bringing in their own individuality!

When starting out our design, we look at the overall space and select a color palette. This room is approximately 500, with lots of room to create the ideal retreat. We used a simple palette of navy and white, and then added a few pops of metal and gold in the accessories.

This room has a traditional modern flare. You find modern elements in the clean lines, marble coffee table and geometric patterns, the traditional feel in the rug, sofa and color pallet.

From the upholstered headboard to the velvet sofa, the reclaimed wood on the nightstand to the marble topped coffee table, this room brings all textures and patterns together to form one beautiful piece of art. This is a room you can live in and love.

Believe it or not, the large size of the bedroom proved to be our biggest challenge with this project. This master bedroom is more spacious than most, so in order to furnish it appropriately while still making it feel cozy and warm. We met this challenge head on, and we’re happy to say the taste of victory in this case is perfection.

We did adhere to a budget with this project. With knowing this master bedroom was spacious and the client wanting a desk, settee, and chair along with the bedroom furniture we did plan accordingly and squeaked by just in line with what we had planned!

This room was on the right track from the start, like I mentioned above with the mixing of metals and styles it started out beautiful and improved with each added selection. For me when we added the velvet settee at the end of the bed is when I fell all of the way in love with it...It has a timeless simple look that is desired and achieved only through continuous work and pouring over every detail.

This home took about 8 months to build and we worked on it tirelessly for the entire 8 months! I hope you love it as much as we do.

Bedrooms are some of our favorite rooms to design, because they're so personal. It's extra important to us to make it a warm, inviting room, with all the functionality and comfort you expect, while still giving it that extra flair to make it a room you fall in love with every time you walk in.

Looking to redesign your bedroom? Have a new house you want to update to your taste? Let us know and we're happy to help!

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