7 Ways to Transform Your Space

As we get older we go through phases on what we want our home to look like. One day we might be into the boho, trendy vibe, and the next the minimal simple vibe. It can seem hard to keep up your space with how you really want it to look, but it doesn't have to be. Take a look at our seven items that can transform your space.

1. Lighting

Switching out your lighting can make all the difference when it comes to the mood in a room.  The first thing to think about is the color of your bulbs. Are you casting a warm light or a cool light, and which one do you prefer? Also each room is different in terms of how much lighting you truly need.  It is important for the living room to have ample lighting, but your bedroom might not need as much.

Also something to consider is how much natural light the room itself gets. When a room is filled with natural lighting, adding floor lamps for the evening time can be the perfect alternative. Check out some of our suggestions of favorites below!

2. Updating Hardware

Another easy switch when it comes to transforming your home is switching out the hardware.  It is best to start in one room first, and work your way through all of the rooms. Don't be afraid to throw in some color! We love the look of a copper faucet, with black pull handles and knobs for the cabinets! Or a black farmhouse sink with gold hardware... either way it is a win!

3. Adding Greenery

Sometimes all a home needs is some greenery or florals to make it feel alive again. We love the look of a tall z-plant in a rattan basket! It not only houses the plant in a nice basket, but makes it easy to clean, style, and looks good pretty much anywhere.  We also love adding succulents to our homes. Since this plant comes in so many different styles, you can really pick and choose what looks best.  We love pairing them, or even creating a succulent garden!

On that note, we are hosting a greenery class with Cactus and Tropical on April 3 at 6:30pm, and guess what... we are making succulent gardens! Space will be limited, so click here to learn more and reserve your spot! CLASS CLOSED

4. Rug Swap

Buying a new rug can get pricey, so a trick we like to pull is swapping rugs throughout your home. As long as the dimensions still work, you can swap the living room rug for your bedroom rug and the space will instantly feel new! There's nothing like adding a different color or texture to a room to really transform it.

5. Adding Art

Another great way to spruce up your space is by adding in new pieces of art. We love the look of an all black and white gallery wall decorating a focal point of your home.  We also love the look of unique pieces mixed together, whether that is in the frames, the mats or the actual prints themselves. One of the key things to remember about artwork is how big or small it is. Sizing is very important as you don't want the art to look like it's floating, or out of place.  Before you start on picking out pieces, figure out how much space  you need to cover to make everything look cohesive.

6. Changing Bedding

Transforming your home can be as simple as changing up your bedding. With the season changing, it's always nice to have light and bright bedding in your home. Start by switching off your duvet cover for a nice airy look, like a blush pink, or cream color. Next switch out your pillows. It's always nice to have some added color and texture via your pillows, so opt for something that adds life to your room. 

Another bedding change up; sheets. As the weather gets warmer, switch your winter sheets for lighter colors made of natural fibers. It will keep you nice and cool through those summer nights.

7. Pretty Dishes

If your kitchen has open shelving, switching out the dishes you've had for years with new pretty dishes is a great way to breath new light into a room. For the warmer season, try pastel colors, or go hold and choose fun prints, like the cactus leaf ones!

Hopefully you've learned how to transform your space just in time for warmer weather. If you need any additional design help, we can set up a design consultation to help you out here.


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