Four Chairs opened in February of 2003 with a little bit of furniture...and a lot of lost sleep. As husband and wife we opened our little store; our life long ambitions became reality and more! We started on State Street and 400 North Always displaying our furnishings on the little front porch. We continued on, in our stylish way and then moved to Lindon one beautiful day. At 150 South State is where we’ve been since ’08 We more than doubled in size, which we think is great.

If you come in the store you’ll meet great girls who know our product well, along with the frills. They will help you choose the piece in the color you wish To match your current set, or accent your dish. We are proud to also bring you 4-chairs.com. Where you can shop all night (if you’re a sleepless mom)


Four Chairs is full service home furnishings and design. Our fresh and stylish flare is addictive and divine! We carry only the best in wood furniture and rugs, We leave nothing to be desired when it comes to what you’ll love. From dishes to toppers and florals and lamps, to pillows and blankets and bedding and shams. We have mirrors, and artwork, and frames for your wall and chandeliers, and pendents, and no, thats not all! We have the best sofas, and rockers and more! The very best bedroom sets to be found in a store! Our dining room tables and chairs steal the show, They are our signature piece we want you to know. We have desks, and benches, and bookshelves galore. Storage boxes and hutches and cabinets and more! We have small things and big things and have we said it all? Lets just sum it up, we carry it all!


Our interior design wins us more than awards. It brings all kinds of clients to us through our doors. Both local and online, we serve them all the same. Our services will perfect any room with no shame. We layout and design to your style and taste. You end up with a room well furnished and laced. We help with the details right down to one knob. We listen to and serve you and make it easy to shop.

We hope you enjoyed your first taste of Four Chairs.

Drop us a note to info@4-chairs.com anytime. We would love to see you, either in person or online!



Four Chairs Furniture

Andrew and Lindy Allen, Owners