Four Chairs x Witney Carson

We are so excited to announce that we are working with Witney Carson on her new home! Witney first reached out to us when her husband and her purchased their first home.  They wanted to work with a interior design company to create the vision they had always dreamed of.  The home Witney and Carson purchased defiantly needed some work, but we were excited about taking this on! We will be sharing design boards, inspiration and all of the afters with you as well!

One of the challenges with Witney's new home was the floor plan. We worked with her to figure out how to best rearrange where walls and rooms were to create a better flow throughout the home. Take a look at the progress that has been made so far! 

Before: Living Room

Before: Living Room via Kitchen

After: Living Room

Before: Bathroom

After: Bathroom

Before: Stairs

After: Stairs

Stay tuned for even more updates! We are currently designing each of the rooms to figure out what furniture and decor looks best! We will be sharing more of that next week!


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